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Skool Loop is a simple, safe parent-teacher communication app that keeps school communities up-to-date with notices, appointments,
interviews and more!

The Skool Loop App is available for a small monthly fee for schools and parents, and is trusted by thousands of schools globally.

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Filter your notices with notice groups!

To subscribe to Skool Loop App notice groups, simply follow the steps below: 

We value your privacy.

We respect your privacy and do not store any personal data. All teacher, student, parent and family information that is completed on Skool Loop App forms is directed solely to the school of your intent. Your information is solely the school property and will not be accessed by Skool Loop. All information and communication will not and has never been sold on /or used for any type of database. 

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FAQ's From Parents

I’m not getting notices?

If you aren’t receiving specific school notices, first check whether there are any outstanding app updates in your app store. Second, check you are subscribed to the correct notice groups by clicking on the settings tile, then “subscribe to groups”. You will only receive notices for the groups you are apart of.

I want to advertise my business on the school app how do I?

Please contact Skool Loop at content@skoolloop.com and someone will be in touch shortly to help you.

How do I install the app and use each feature?

Simply Download the Skool Loop App from your smartphone app store. Then select your country, region and required school from our Australia and New Zealand school database. You will then have access to the school app features and communication from your chosen school/s. 

Can I reserve a time slot for Parent-Teacher interview?

Parents can pick from the available times the teacher has indicated through using the Parent Teacher-Interview feature. Communication between parents and teachers will then easily be conducted in the time-slot allocated.  

Does using the 'send text' option in the absentee section of the app cost parents?

No, sending a text through the app does not incur a fee. The user will automatically be directed to the text messages function in their phone and normal plan charges will occur. 


Why do I not receive alerts from Skool Loop?

There may be a few easy-to-solve reasons why your phone may not be receiving the alerts from the Skool Loop App: 

  1. If you are in the app when the notice is sent in real time, the alert may not come as a notification on the basis that you have already accessed the required school communication while browsing.  
  1. If the app or phone is not up to date the phone’s current software may not be able to process a notification request. Check the settings of your phone for any required software updates.  
  1. You may have phone notifications switched off. To fix this go into phone settings – Apps/notifications – and choose to allow.
  1. The phone may be too old. Some phones such as the iPhone 5 are now too old to receive push notifications as the software that the app runs on is newer than what is available for that phone.
  1. How do I join a group in notices to receive real time alerts. – Tap the settings tile on your school app and select subscribe to groups, select groups that relate to your child. If a group is password protected, please refer to your school for access.
  1. By checking the ‘Debug’ function in the setting tile of the Skool Loop app, you will see your current school communication groups, instant notification permissions and if app updates are required. 
Why are my personal events showing on my Skool Loop App Calendar?

The app sync’s with your phone’s ‘native calendar’ allowing you to see both school and personal events, the purpose of this is for parents to see potential clashes in their diary (only you can see your personal events). You may notice that your personal events are shown with a Blue/Purple dot and your school events are a Red/Pink dot. You can turn it off in the permissions section of your phone’s settings.

If your school is not featured on the app, they may not have signed up for the Skool Loop service. We want to make sure our free parent-teacher communication app is available to as many school communities as possible. Feel free to get in touch with us and we can contact your school to see how our messaging app can best facilitate communication in your school.  

What technology do we use to Protect Data? 

All Skool Loop data is hosted on AWS. We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Skool Loop Backend only over HTTPS. 

Passwords stored in our systems are encrypted at the highest level and are only ever visible to the end-user (you) only. Images and documents are stored in private storage with controlled secure access.

Our Full Terms of Use & Privacy Policy can be found here… Click here 

If you have specific questions or would like to receive a detailed Data & Security Fact Sheet, please contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@skoolloop.com 

What is our Data Policy Protection

At Skool Loop we are committed to ensuring all data is safe and secure on our platform at all times. 

We understand the importance of continually updating our security features, assessing new risks and protecting parents and students privacy on the app.  

We assure our users Skool Loop is committed to the following actions: 

  • Continuous monitoring of the integrity of all our systems 
  • Regular security audits of our systems and processes 
  • Continual investment and improvement in our system architecture 
  • Appointment of a dedicated “Privacy Officer” 
  • Continued commitment to our users of openness and transparency across data security issues 

Your Privacy

Read our privacy policy to find out how we keep our community safe.

Multi-language App

We are a multi-language app offering translations between English, German and Mandarin.

Our Schools

We cater to schools outside of New Zealand, including Australia and Fiji.

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