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A one stop solution for all your school communication needs.

Skool Loop App was developed to meet increased parent-teacher demand for simple communication between school staff and families. 

The Skool Loop App is available for a small monthly fee for schools and parents, and is trusted by thousands of schools globally.

Download Now! Available on Android and IOS.

No Hidden Costs.

Featuring an easy to use, secure interface and the latest in school communication technology. Skool Loop includes parent-teacher interviews, calendars, e-permission slips, notices, absentee reporting and much more… no advertisements, no set up costs, just a small monthly fee 

Easy Link & Sync 

Tired of using multiple apps to manage your school communication? Right from parent-teacher interviews to e-permission slips, absentee reporting and so much more. All managed in one simple system that your school admins will love.   

Note: Skool loop also works with other school applications and can link to them.

Secure and Safe App for Your School!

Schools can lock / passphrase their school apps to create an exclusive school  communication portal, privatising communication with teachers and parents. Skool Loop continually updates and maintains a high level of online security to create a communication app that parents, students and teachers can safely use. 

Your One Stop Shop 

Many school text notifications bounce back unreceived and still cost you! Through the Skool Loop app, there is no bounce back as long as parents have the app installed on their phone.  

Send and Receive Instant Notifications!

Get instant alerts and reminders with the Skool Loop app. Teachers and schools can send messages instantly, immediately notifying parents and students of relevant school information. The mobile app offers push notifications ensuring parents are up-to-date with reminders, announcements and emergency planning. 

Easily create school interviews!

Parent-teacher interviews are conducted easily through Skool Loop. Allowing for a dedicated time to be informed of children’s classroom progress, voice concerns, make plans and discuss the student’s development.  

Multi-language Translation Available

Skool Loop ensures that every member of the school community is included when receiving and understanding information. Notices, newsletters and calendar events can be viewed in different languages. Making sure that – at the click of a button – parents can engage with school content in their preferred dialect.  

Stay in the Loop, With Skool Loop

Skool Loop is an easy-to-use communication app for schools, parents, and students. Helping to build community, facilitate parent-teacher communication, and allow those within the school to share information.  

All school communication is located on the app, which can be viewed and responded to easily on your phone or device. School notices, events, policies and important dates are published in real time, where parents can access important material provided by the school.  

FAQ's From Schools

Your Skool Loop app also includes a basic template to build a PDF newsletter for uploading. Please contact us for simple step by step instruction, or refer to the Newsletter section of our user manual.

Yes! Once you had selected “add notice” there is a tab for “attachments” allowing you to upload and label multiple files as required. Please contact us or refer to our user manual for further information.

Yes! Parents, from their device, are able to select multiple teachers and view available dates/times and make multiple selections. Once the time slots have been chosen, and their details entered they will receive an email confirming their booking for all dates selected. These times will then be removed from your app to avoid double bookings.

If you’re having trouble loading the console on your computer, ensure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. We would suggest attempting a “hard refresh” that resets the browser should there be any cached data in the background slowing things down. You can perform a hard refresh by selecting the following keys simultaneously. On a Windows PC, press and hold “CTRL”, “SHIFT” and the “R” key. On a Mac, press and hold the “CMD”, “SHIFT” and “R” key. This should reload the browser page for you.

Yes, we are happy to schedule a training session for any staff and can also email you through a PDF instruction manual for quick reference.

Yes, the Skool Loop App will do that for you when designing your school app

Yes, just ask our friendly staff and we will get those links for you sorted.

For security reasons as a part of our two-factor authentication, you will be logged out of your app after a period of inactivity. By saving your log in details in your browser, this will help you to quickly log back in and resume your task.

There are no log in details required for the app on your smartphone. If you, as a school staff member want to log into your Skool Loop Console to send information via your app please contact us for further assistance via our online chat.

We do not store users personal details and therefore cannot provide a list of who has viewed a notice but if the school has enabled the “reply” function on the message, you can request a reply/receipt of acknowledgement from app users after reading the notice.

The app sync’s with your phones ‘native calendar’ allowing you to see both school and personal events, the purpose of this is for parents to see potential clashes in their diary (only you can see your personal events). You may notice that your personal events are shown with a Blue/Purple dot and your school events are a Red/Pink dot. You are able to turn this off in the permissions section of your phone settings.

The onboarding process is simple and can take as little as 20 minutes. Our dedicated team are available to guide you through the entire process from booking form to app launch. We also have video tutorials explaining each function and how to make the best use of all features.

All Skool Loop data is hosted on AWS. We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Skool Loop Backend only over HTTPS. 

Passwords stored in our systems are encrypted at the highest level and are only ever visible to the end-user (you) only. Images and documents are stored in private storage with controlled secure access.

Our Full Terms of Use & Privacy Policy can be found here… Click here 

If you have specific questions or would like to receive a detailed Data & Security Fact Sheet, please contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@skoolloop.com 

At Skool Loop we are committed to ensuring all data is safe and secure on our platform at all times. 

We understand the importance of continually updating our security features, assessing new risks and protecting parents and students privacy on the app.  

We assure our users Skool Loop is committed to the following actions: 

  • Continuous monitoring of the integrity of all our systems 
  • Regular security audits of our systems and processes 
  • Continual investment and improvement in our system architecture 
  • Appointment of a dedicated “Privacy Officer” 
  • Continued commitment to our users of openness and transparency across data security issues 

Due to Newsletters usually being larger and more populated documents uploading them into the app can often be a fiddley process, so here at Skool Loop we have decided to take the hassle away and upload them for you.

The Skool Loop app is completely free for all parents. There are no costs associated with any of the features used within the app.

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