Sending notices to students and the school community can be a daily task for teachers, so we’ve made the task as simple as possible. Designed for efficiency, our School Notices feature can send instant messages to parents, students, and teachers automatically alongside any school announcements or files.

Advantages of the Skool Loop Notices Feature 

  • Emergencies and urgent messages – Notices can be used to announce emergencies, class cancellations, and events that require the immediate attention of a parent or teacher.
  • Reinforce school lessons at home – Teachers can help parents become more involved in their children’s education by informing them about homework and exams through the notices function.
  • Set reminders – The notices function can be used to send advance reminders for events, meetings, and activities in the school calendar.
  • Promote school events – Sometimes, a little push is all that is needed to encourage parents, teachers, and students to participate in school activities. Notices can be used to hype up the school community prior to an event and encourage people to take part in school activities.

Other Available Functions


Be up to date within your school community.

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Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications!

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School Calendar

Set up meetings and sync to your Google Calendar.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Plan parent / teacher meetings with ease.

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Permission Slips

A secure way to receive parental consent.

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Absentee Messaging

Easy to Monitor and Record Attendance.

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Language Translations

Multiple translations available!

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School Contacts

Easy access to contacts related to your child's school.

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