Being up to date on the latest developments and events within your school community is important. The Skool Loop App regularly uploads relevant news to the app, delivering important information in an easily accessible way.

Advantages of the Skool Loop Newsletter Feature 

  • Enjoy easy access – There’s no need to use a search engine or subscribe to a blog. Parents are able to check out the regularly updated newsletter within the Skool Loop App with just one click.
  • Enjoy better security – Email subscriptions are a popular way to distribute links to online newsletters but there are serious concerns over their security. Skool Loop provides a direct link on the app, doing away with the need for emails.
  • Environmentally friendly – Schools all over Australia and New Zealand have partnered with Skool Loop partly to reduce their need for paper. School forms and newsletters use up a lot of paper, which is why we try and digitalise as many processes as possible.

Other Available Functions

Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications!

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School Calendar

Set up meetings and sync to your Google Calendar.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Plan parent / teacher meetings with ease.

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Permission Slips

A secure way to receive parental consent.

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Absentee Messaging

Easy to Monitor and Record Attendance.

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Language Translations

Multiple translations available!

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School Contacts

Easy access to contacts related to your child's school.

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Send notices to students and the school community.

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The Skool Loop App supports,  integrates, sync and link with the following businesses:

Advertise with us!

Skool Loop offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise to the local school community through targeted ads to parents, teachers and principals.