Parent Teacher Interviews

Regular interviews between parents and teachers are important as it allows for a dedicated time to update on children’s progress, voice concerns, make plans and discuss the child’s progress. Schools can load available interview times for different teachers onto the app where parents can then book a convenient time. The Skool Loop Interview function ensures an easy way to check for teacher’s availability, reserve time slots and set up an interview.

Advantages of the Skool Loop Interview Feature 

  • Plan ahead – Parents can plan their meetings ahead, check calendars and teacher’s availability easily within the app.
  • Updating availability – Once a timeslot has been secured by a parent, the time is removed from the app, meaning there is no chance of times being double booked. What you see is what is available.
  • Simplified booking process – Parents add information, including the child’s name and the parents contact details, and the booking is made.
  • Information compiled easily – This information is then collated, into an itemized timetable, and shared with the teacher in a spreadsheet, making it an easy process for everyone involved.

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