FAQ's From Schools

How can I design a newsletter on the SKL Console?

Your Skool Loop app also includes a basic template to build a PDF newsletter for uploading. Please contact us for simple step by step instructions, or refer to the Newsletter section of our user manual.

Can I add attachments to our school notices?

Yes! Once you had selected “add notice” there is a tab for “attachments” allowing you to upload and label multiple files as required. Please contact us or refer to our user manual for further information.

Can parents book consecutive teachers for parent teacher interviews on our school app?

Yes! Parents, from their devices, are able to select multiple teachers and view available dates/times and make multiple selections. Once the time slots have been chosen, and their details entered they will receive an email confirming their booking for all dates selected. These times will then be removed from your app to avoid double bookings.

Help! My Skool Loop Console is slow or not loading correctly?

If you’re having trouble loading the console on your computer, ensure you are using Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. We would suggest attempting a “hard refresh” that resets the browser should there be any cached data in the background slowing things down. You can perform a hard refresh by selecting the following keys simultaneously. On a Windows PC, press and hold “CTRL”, “SHIFT” and the “R” key. On a Mac, press and hold the “CMD”, “SHIFT” and “R” key. This should reload the browser page for you.

Do you have instructions on how I can use and upload items to our app to share with teaching staff?

Yes, we are happy to schedule a training session for any staff and can also email you a PDF instruction manual for quick reference.

Yes, the Skool Loop App will do that for you when designing your school app.

We link your software using your app URL. If you have a specific software in mind, then enquire with our friendly staff and we will get those links for you sorted.

Why do I keep getting logged out of the console?

For security reasons as a part of our two-factor authentication, you will be logged out of your app after a period of inactivity. By saving your log in details in your browser, this will help you quickly log back in and resume your task.

How do I login to our school app?

There are no login details required for the app on your smartphone. If you, as a school staff member want to log into your Skool Loop Console to send information via your app please contact us for further assistance via our online chat.

Can I see who received my notice?

We do not store users personal details and therefore cannot provide a list of who has viewed a notice but if the school has enabled the “reply” function on the message, you can request a reply/receipt of acknowledgement from app users after reading the notice.

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