FAQ's From Schools

No but we can tell you how many parents have currently got your app on their phone, so if this message was sent to General, we can assume they have all seen it as they will have all got the alert.

Your Skool Loop app calendar will automatically sync with your in-phone calendar. This is to make sure parents are up-to-date with school events and have the ability to see calendar conflicts in their diary. All personal events can only be viewed by you on your device.   

You may notice that personal events are shown with a Blue/Purple dot and school events are a Red/Pink dot. This can be turned off in the permissions section of your phone settings. 

The onboarding process is simple and can take as little as just 20 minutes. Our dedicated team are available to guide you through the entire process and we have video tutorials explaining each function and how to use.

All Skool Loop data is hosted on AWS. We use HSTS to ensure browsers interact with Skool Loop Backend only over HTTPS. 

Passwords stored in our systems are encrypted at the highest level and are only ever visible to the end-user (you) only. Images and documents are stored in private storage with controlled secure access.

Our Full Terms of Use & Privacy Policy can be found here… Click here 

If you have specific questions or would like to receive a detailed Data & Security Fact Sheet, please contact our Privacy Officer at privacy@skoolloop.com 

At Skool Loop we are committed to ensuring all data is safe and secure on our platform at all times. 

We understand the importance of continually updating our security features, assessing new risks and protecting parents and students privacy on the app.  

We assure our users Skool Loop is committed to the following actions: 

  • Continuous monitoring of the integrity of all our systems 
  • Regular security audits of our systems and processes 
  • Continual investment and improvement in our system architecture 
  • Appointment of a dedicated “Privacy Officer” 
  • Continued commitment to our users of openness and transparency across data security issues 

Due to Newsletters usually being larger and more populated documents uploading them into the app can often be a fiddley process, so here at Skool Loop we have decided to take the hassle away and upload them for you.

The Skool Loop app is completely free for all schools and parents. There are no costs associated with any of the features used within the app, creating a simple way for schools to communicate with parents. The app is funded by local advertisers who use the platform to advertise their businesses.  

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