School Calendar

School Event Calendar to keep everyone in the loop

School event calendar shows parents all events scheduled for the term and for the year, this information can be manually inputted by the school, connected to a school Google calendar or student management system.

Advantages of the Skool Loop Calendar Feature 

  • Set meetings with ease – Arranging meetings can be challenging, so our app includes class hours and school activities to help parents, teachers and staff find the best time to set a meeting.
  • Reserve times, equipment, and rooms – Parents can reserve specific hours for school interviews and the calendar can also be used to reserve equipment and rooms for class or club activities.
  • Select an audience – There are events that everyone in the school should know, but some activities only concern specific groups like classes, clubs, and year levels. Skool Loop’s school calendar can be customised to specific audiences so that an event can only be viewed by certain groups or individuals.
  • Automatically sync calendars – Skool Loop’s calendar can be synchronised with other calendar programmes parents, students, and teachers use. This means that their calendars are automatically updated to include activities, events and meetings set by the school.
  • Promote events and activities – The school calendar is a great place to announce activities like field trips, exam days, and school holidays, with push notification alerts and reminders to ensure everyone is up to date.
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Other Available Functions

School Newsletter

Provide the latest newsletters for your school community. 

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Push Notifications

Send messages instantly to keep parents engaged.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Plan parent-teacher interviews with ease.

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Permission Slips

A secure way to receive parental consent.

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Absentee Messaging

Instant parent communication with absentee notifications.

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Multi-Language Translations

Parents interact easier through multi-language use.

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School Contacts

Parents can easily access relevant school contacts.

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Share information with the school community.

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