Absentee Messaging

The school attendance feature helps teachers to keep track of student attendance, take note of missed school days, relay absences to guardians, or receive notices of absence from parents. The Skool Loop app combines all of these functionalities in one place, making it easy for parents and teachers to monitor and record attendance.

Advantages of the Skool Loop Absentee Messaging Feature 

  • Take attendance – Skool Loop allows teachers to record their students’ attendance easily in just one click, eliminating the need for cumbersome attendance sheets. At the same time, parents can rest assured that their children are in school when they need to be.
  • Notify parents and teachers of absences – Skool Loop allows parents and the school to immediately notify each other if a student is unable to attend class on a particular date.
  • Reporting – Teachers can easily pull the information of absentees for easy reporting.

Other Available Functions


Be up to date within your school community.

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Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications!

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School Calendar

Set up meetings and sync to your Google Calendar.

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Parent Teacher Interviews

Plan parent / teacher meetings with ease.

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Permission Slips

A secure way to receive parental consent.

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Language Translations

Multiple translations available!

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School Contacts

Easy access to contacts related to your child's school.

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Send notices to students and the school community.

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Skool Loop offers local businesses the opportunity to advertise to the local school community through targeted ads to parents, teachers and principals.