Permission Slips

Permission slips are commonly used to secure parental consent and are an essential part of school life. Despite their importance, permission forms are not always returned to the school and paper-based forms can easily be lost. Our digital permission slips not only streamline the distribution and collection processes, they’re also much better for the environment by saving our schools millions of printed pages every year!

Advantages of the Skool Loop Permission Slip Feature 

  • Reduce number of lost forms – Online permission slips can be tracked and saved in various devices and accounts. This makes it easy for all concerned parties to see the form, sign it, and return it to the school.
  • Prevent tampering – Skool Loop’s online forms make use of security features, which keep them safe from tampering and unauthorised access. These forms are delivered straight to the recipient’s email address or phone.
  • Send permission slips instantly – Teachers can distribute digital forms to parents and students in seconds, making the process quick and easy. Forms will be received by the intended recipient in real-time. Skool Loop’s simplified process makes sending out and receiving forms faster, easier, and more secure.
  • No more paper forms – Better for schools, students, parents, guardians and the environment!
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