What makes the Skool Loop app stand out?

July 21, 2020

  • Security – The Skool Loop app doesn’t rely on parent’s personal information/data for app download or for using the app. It can be downloaded from the various app stores and doesn’t require parents to sign up with their information.
  • Modern – The use of push notifications to parent’s phones ensures Skool Loop is using the most up to date and modern ways of communicating with parents. Using push notifications ensures we do not require parent’s contact information to contact them by phone or email as the notification is pushed straight to their mobile phones.
  • Smooth running and reliable – The Skool Loop app is known by its users for its reliability (even during Covid with high user numbers such as 103 000 users per day and 5000 users within 5 min periods, the app worked seamlessly for users).
  • Simple interface for parents – The Skool Loop app boasts one of the easiest interfaces for parents to navigate. The simple interface ensures parents use the full functionalities of the app making the communication between parents and teachers simple and effective.
  • Straightforward onboarding process – The process for onboarding schools to the app is simple and easy. We can get a school up and running in under 20mins! Skool Loop offers onboarding calls with our friendly customer services team to talk teachers through the app and how to use it effectively. Our customer service team is always available for schools to contact with any questions they may have. Not only that, but we also provide video tutorials for teachers to see how to work each function.
  • Free, always! – The Skool Loop app is free for schools to use including all of the functions, Skool Loop has no hidden costs or fees for the school and will always remain 100% free. This means schools can utilise the extensive functions we have to offer and never pay for our service.

Deciding which school app to use for communications is a very important choice. Can your current school communication app guarantee the above benefits? If not, contact us today and join more than 1,000 schools loving the Skool Loop across New Zealand and Australia.

“We love this app at our school. Our principal used it a lot when the COVID pandemic hit and students couldn’t come to school. We know all our families have this app, and this is how we keep them updated.”  – Monteagle Public School

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