NZ’s No 1 parent-teacher communication app provides critical contact tracing capabilities to nearly 1000 schools across NZ

NZ’s No 1 parent-teacher communication app

The move for Skool Loop to develop the functionality follows the announcement from the Ministry of Health advising schools to implement contact tracing to help minimise the spread of the virus.

The contract tracing function in the Skool Loop app allows parents or visitors to schools to sign in and out via the app so the school can keep a log of visits should it be needed in the case of an outbreak.

Sharlene Barnes founder of Skool Loop has discussed the importance of including contact tracing as a function on the app. “We are thrilled to be able to deliver a quick and easy way for parents and school visitors to log their visits to schools which helps with contact tracing, should the need arise.”

“We wanted to further the use of the app to help during this time and by introducing the free contact tracing function, it allows schools to have this capability with no major changes to the way they work.”

“By helping to make this transition for schools as seamless as possible, it enables them to focus on what really matters which is student safety and their learning.” Ms. Barnes explained.

Skool Loop, which is also offered to Australian schools, has acted as a vital tool for schools to communicate with parents throughout the Covid-19 situation with over 100,000 users turning to the app for information in one day following the move to lockdown in NZ.

Data comparing engagements with the app from before and during lockdown show that the engagements on the app doubled as parents looked to schools for regular updates while at home.

Parents and caregivers who have turned to Skool Loop for communication in this time of uncertainty can now rely on the app to help facilitate a safe return to school.

“Here at Skool Loop we’ve had a very busy time with school communication being crucial during Covid-19. During peak announcement times we found our app was the go-to for parents and schools for getting school updates.”

The contact tracing function is another free offering of the Skool Loop app in addition to the app functions for pushing notices and newsletters to parents, facilitating the organisation of parent/teacher interviews, absentee forms and permission slips that are all available for schools to use free of charge.

The contact tracing function on the Skool Loop app works by providing a form for parents to complete in the app that is then shared with the school’s console to keep on record. Parents can simply scan the QR code provided at the school which then directs them to the Skool Loop app. Parents/visitors have the function to sign in when at the school and sign out when they have left the premises allowing the school to track who’s on the premises during what periods.