How Digital Learning is Changing Schools and Education

hands on school laptop

Digital technology is constantly changing and developing, so too is the vital role it plays in the education system today. As technology changes educational institutes are encouraged to adapt to these changes, strongly considering how students and teachers utilize digital devices in their everyday learning. Educational institutes are constantly adopting new technology and merging it with traditional education to ensure students are receiving the best learning opportunities available to them.  

Skool Loop is a communication app for schools and families, with a focus on ensuring schools have the best and safest digital technology opportunities available to them. We have analyzed the current digital learning environment and how digital learning is changing schools and education.  

What is Digital Learning?
Digital learning is using technology in an educational setting in order to promote learning and create a simpler more accessible format for learning. In the modern era, most families have an internet connection or access to public facilities with digital devices/internet. This means that a lot of what is taught in school can be accessed online through learning portals. Students are offered a blended learning environment, where traditional learning with books and written text is taught alongside the use of technology.  

How is digital learning changing the way students learn? 
Digital learning is much more fast paced than previous learning techniques. It means both students and teachers must have a competent understanding of technology in order to understand the systems offered by each individual school. In today’s learning environment students of all ages are incredibly adaptable to these changes. They are able to hand in homework, assignments, complete group projects, message teachers, and do extracurricular learning all through online learning. Creating more accountability and empowering the students to develop their technical competency alongside their traditional learning.  

Is digital learning transforming education?  
Digital learning is creating a much more accessible form of education. Students and teachers can communicate easier, therefore, they are quickly updated with changes in curriculum or educational opportunities. As students are competent in their own digital education, they can source information related to topics online. Developing critical thinking skills and encouraging problem solving opportunities. Courses can also be customized to each student, so teachers create more of an individualized learning environment. While technology and education technology are always changing, the ability to create more customized learning at each student’s own pace is becoming more accessible.  

How are parents, schools and students using digital learning?
There are so many opportunities for parents, schools, teachers and students to benefit from digital learning. Systems such as grading, handing in assignments, homework, extracurricular activities and more, provide easy access for students to their schoolwork. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to be more engaged with what their children are learning through communication tools. Schools and teachers can post notices and conduct parent-teacher interviews online, through excellent and safe apps/online tools such as Skool Loop, making it easier for everyone in the school community to teach and learn with digital technology.