Skool Loop App is now Zero Data – school communities do not need to use their own phone data to access school notices and newsletters on the Skool Loop App.


cobden skool
December, 2023

“We are thrilled with all the features on Skool Loop. I can’t imagine not having it at our school.”

Cobden School
Noula – Principal
June, 2022

Our families and school use the app with ease 🙂 

We have not had to use the help service much, perhaps only once?! We have just used permissions for the first time recently, and it was easily accessed and used by our parents, which was awesome.

School interviews are super easy to create, book and access online. That is brilliant”

Henderson Valley School
Sarah – School Administrator
hampden school badge
May, 2022

“The majority of our parents are now on Skool Loop, and most tell us it is user friendly, allows for quick communications and is a positive addition to our school. Our staff also like it saying they find it easy to use and an extremely effective way to send messages out to parents, even better than emailing or Facebook! Specifically, they love the absence notification feature which makes it easy for them and parents to communicate absences as well as the newsletter feature.”

Hampden School
Matt – School Principal
tarras school
April, 2022

“Skool Loop is amazing! I now couldn’t imagine running my school without it!”

Tarras School
Rachelle Haslegrave – Principal
milbrodale school badge
February, 2022

We love Skool Loop!
It is an immeasurably useful tool for our small school. It has been even more so during these covid times when parents have not been allowed onsite. It is very easy to use, for both admin and parents. Also the Skool Loop staff are just beautiful and are always available to help. All emails are attended to promptly and in a kind and friendly way. Yes we love Skool Loop and will continue to use it. It has made my role as Admin Manager so much easier.

Milbrodale Public School
Julie Dunn – School Admin Manager
riverhead montesorri badge
December, 2021

“It’s a great app and we are excited to get it up and running. I just want to say your delivery of the instructions and step through process is wonderful. You are clear and take it slow and don’t bombard us with too much info. I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

Riverhead Montessori Preschool
-Kelli Booth
glen innes school badge
November, 2021

“Thanks for the effort behind the scenes. Just this morning I was praising your efforts as I chatted with our PLD advisor when she asked about our translating of notices to our school community. I was able to share just how easy you have made that process.  Needless to say, she was impressed by the immediacy of the translation.”

Glen Innes School
Jono Hendricks – Principal
October, 2021

“We have only been live on the app for about a week & half. We decided to use the a app to try to engage easier with our families in this digital age. At this stage the app usage is mostly notices & the parents have used it quite a lot to report absences, which is great! I can’t praise Skool Loop highly enough for the ease in set up & the reliable communication that we have received here at Blackett Public School. Thank you for making the process so easy & user friendly.”

Loretta Harris
Blackett Public School
September, 2021

“We used the interview booking for our interviews a couple of weeks ago for the first time and it cut down my time organising and changing appointment times etc hugely! Plus we actually had a higher booking and turn up rate than we have had for a few years now.”

Mike Coyle – Office Manager
St Matthew’s Primary School (Hastings)
May, 2021

“We are saying it must be a requirement that parents download the app before their child starts with us. It is such a useful tool to get information out. Our Principal has even set up a teachers group too so he can connect with them as he was finding the group text on his phone only had limited capabilities. The features we mainly use are the notices, newsletters, calendar and absentees. Parents love The Skool Loop App and we constantly get comments like “thank you so much for getting information straight to us” I would be lost without using this technology for our community.”

Rebeca Taylor – Principal PA
Queenspark School
May, 2021

“The app was a crucial tool that helped us to communicate with parents during lockdown and home schooling periods. We particularly found the ‘check in’ function of the app helpful. It made contact tracing post lockdown periods so simple, all of our visitors and families commented on how easy that feature is to use.”

Chris Skrzypko
St. George Preca School
April, 2021

“I love the Skool Loop app, staff always quick to upload what I request, and our parents are happy with the communication!”

Jill Taylor
Lincoln Heights School
May, 2021

“We love using our Skool Loop app and especially now while students are learning from home! We now have all our parents on Skool Loop and it is the go-to place for everything. Parent/Teacher meetingsnotices, excursion notes and more all go on Skool Loop. Both parents and teachers like being able to easily access everything all in one place, the Skool Loop app. Also, we have quite a few grandparents who enjoy being able to access the school newsletter through Skool Loop, it is super convenient.

I find the Skool Loop team very helpful when I have added feedback and features. I suggested a ‘copy option’ when setting up permission notes, and this is now included as a feature, fantastic! I always get a quick response from Skool Loop’s help team when I ask for help with anything.”

Towamba Public School
March, 2021

“Our school community has embraced the use of the Skool Loop App. Our teachers are loving the easy to use digital Permission Slips and Absences. Skool Loop has helped immensely in our goal to reduce paper usage within our school.”

Matthew Grosskreutz – Principal
Collinsville State School

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The Skool Loop App has been developed as vital school communication tool “a one stop shop” that provides parents and schools throughout Australia and New Zealand with all school events, notices, newsletters, parent teacher interviews and push notifications and much more.

A fantastic tool for schools to use to communicate quickly and accurately to the whole school community.