Skool Loop App is now Zero Data – school communities do not need to use their own phone data to access school notices and newsletters on the Skool Loop App.

Keep Your School Safe with Effective Communication

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Keep Your School Safe with Effective Communication 

Technology influences our day-to-day lives in so many ways, for schools it has become vital to embrace technological resources and integrate safe systems into school life. Communication apps help schools to embrace these technological resources in such a way that it creates a much more engaged, safe and proactive school community. There are many ways schools benefit from a safe communication system, an effective system provides simple contact with the school community, and in an emergency can become instrumental. A safe communication system should also value the privacy and data of the individuals within the school community. Skool Loop provides a high-quality communication app for schools where safety is valued, and steps are taken to ensure the app is secure for the use of every individual school community. 

Why is communication the key to safety in schools? 

Deploying many different communication tactics such as email, direct messaging, notices and emergency alerts allows parents to be updated and informed at any time of day. Not only this but also allows teachers to be updated on absences and other important information about students or family members in their classroom. This transparency and immediacy of information creates a safer school environment for all to enjoy, even for day-to-day schooling activities.   

Getting Out Information Fast 

Having proactive school communication systems already in place means that if a major emergency were to occur the school has an effective way to inform and update the necessary community members. If you have already established an effective system, communication such as parental contact, government updates and crisis support can be immediately activated. The school community will also already have access to emergency policies and protocols that give the community clarity in the case of an emergency. Simplifying and creating a safer system for teachers and parents.  

Skool Loop – A Safe & Secure Communication app 

Skool Loop has created a school app where the safety of the school community is central to the app’s functions. The app has a range of useful features that make school communication simpler and more effective, including safe communication in an emergency 

Here are some examples of how we help to keep app users safe and secure as a school technology provider:  

  • Skool Loop has schools’ and parents’ security and privacy at the forefront of all our technology. We continually update our security features, to adapt to new risks and improve functionality.  
  • Personal data is sent directly to the school and not held in the School Loop app. We also use encrypted data for passwords and systems with 2FA used for all school logins. 
  • Skool Loop can be locked allowing only school parents to access the interface of the school app. 
  • To continually improve, Skool Loop is currently undergoing accreditation with Safer Technology 4 schools. This is an Australian & NZ government education initiative focusing on the safer use of technology in schools.