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Back To School Communication Tips for Principals 

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As students, families, teachers, and principals gear up to go back to school, it is important for the school leaders to put in place effective communication pathways – setting the stage for a successful school year. Principals play an important role in supporting all school communication, including general notices, school wide communication, and smaller group communication such as in classrooms. It is important to ensure that parents, teachers, and students are well-informed and engaged. In this article, we explore some effective strategies that principals can use to improve back to school communication efforts. 

Plan a Comprehensive Communication Plan 

For successful back to school communication, meticulous planning is a must. Principals can start detailing a comprehensive communication plan before the term starts. Outlining key messages for notices, timelines, important events in the school calendar, and communication channels for engaging with the school community. This plan can function as a base for a strategic roadmap, providing a framework for consistent and regular communication within your school community. By establishing these goals and expectations, principals can effectively lay the groundwork for streamlined communication efforts throughout the school year. 

Communicate the Structure and Boundaries of Communication with Staff 

Setting expectations and understanding of lines of communication for staff allows for a more united approach. This helps to establish an understanding of how teachers can communicate with parents; How absences are communicated; Who sends out anticipated notices; and any other details that may be important for staff. Principals should communicate the structure and boundaries of communication with staff members, the communication app that they use to communicate with families, and emphasise the importance of regular updates and collaborative efforts.  

Utilise Communication Apps 

In today’s digital age, communication platforms can be powerful tools for streamlining information and quickly getting information out to parents. Principals should leverage these platforms such as the Skool Loop app to facilitate efficient communication between teachers, parents, and students. Implementing a communications plan can be done more effectively within the app, and the feature of push notifications helps to ensure a more active community. Communication apps provide a centralised hub for important updates, event details, and general school information, enhancing overall school communication.  

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Make it Easy for your Community to be Involved 

Ensuring that parents, families, and the school community easily understand the lines of communication within your school is essential for building a connected and safe school community. Principals should communicate in a way that is accessible and user-friendly. At the start of the school year providing clear instructions on how to access information, as well as consistently using the frameworks communicated. At all times allowing for an engaged and inclusive school environment. 

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Include Simpler Language and Cultural Communication Pathways 

Understanding the diverse nature of the school community, principals can take steps to include simpler language and culturally sensitive communication pathways. Providing information that can be accessed in multiple languages helps to make school communication more accessible for families. A more inclusive and thoughtful approach to school communication builds a more welcoming school environment. 

As you prepare to gear up for the back to school season, introduce some of these communication tips into team building, your term, or the school year planning to embrace a positive plan for 2024. Building towards a collaborative educational experience where communication is key in your school community.